Africa’s creepy crawlies

Africa’s creepy crawlies

butterflyThis guy insisted on helping us in the kitchen…kept flitting around. I had a decent macro facility on the Fujipix…

Then when I got my new camera, I didn’t notice it had different focus settings and the default was “face.” Small wonder I couldn’t get my closeups to work…I mentioned this in passing…my husband scrolled through and sorted the problem!Closeup insects

Here in Africa, one thing you know is it abounds with creepy crawlies…some bite, others sting, some are beautiful…OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Bees are dying like flies and no one seems to care. Perhaps they think that they don’t eat honey anyway…Well, I’d like to say “Well, honey. No honey is the last of our worries – how about the fact that you won’t have any butternuts or any cucurbits for that matter – in fact most veg…”
OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA These flies move oh, so slowly – drive me nuts dirtying the windows. When the power goes off, you hear a frustrated “Oh, for….goodness sake,” from me and a bzzzz bzzzz from them. I’m not sure what it is that hacks them off about ZESA!OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

I was stung by on these babies …two weeks after I was meant to have mine! I let out such a screech that hubby thought he was a daddy (albeit two weeks late…)OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA And as for these – they pack a punch – Riding my horse once through the bush, I thought I’d been shot!OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA I love butterflies, and I’ll make a separate (large) post of them soon – I thought I had to add the “beautiful” into this post! They are a pest to photograph – you should see how stupid I look chasing them around – something like those trumpet players in the jazz bands except with the tube off my eye instead on my mouth.


This lady is showing her bloomers!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA This bright yellow spider was forced to sit on a recently pruned rose bush, cos I dug up the yellow nasturtium he had always called home.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI’m working on the “wings in motion…”

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