ReflectionsOther than the obvious, such as this picture above, this word has many connotations for me.

This wonderful image taken by Elna Mok inspired me to look amongst my photos…

ReflectionsAnd stretch this word…Reflection.

Should all reflections be accurate, mirror images?…I think not. Just like a memory, I don’t mind if the image is longer, or blurrier..if the reflection is faded or sharp.


This dark mystery (above) duplicated, calls me

ReflectionsAnd this little guy – majestic beauty replicated…calls this lady!


Another man comes into the frame – rip up the canvas!OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

When I can’t tell where the reflection and the landscape meet – for me, that is the mystery


This photo (above) was taken at Lake Kariba, very early in the morning.Reflections

These two images were taken in South Africa crossing the Hartebeespoort Dam on our way home, very, very early in the morningReflections

A fly…on the windowReflections

Water droplets on petals reflect the background leaves…

This is quite a gross picture of my hand reflected in the iris of an eye…knuckles, trees, camera!ReflectionsThis one (below) I agree is not really a reflection…

Twinks I love this picture of Twinks…stalking… on the dining room table, late in the evening!

ReflectionsAnd what is this reflection?  A Japanese lady? Supplication? Certainly not a bowl of flowers.

Click on this link – it’s a video of a bird attacking its own reflection…


Ok, Ok. So, its refraction…sounds close enough to me. What I love about this picture is the irony…thats a gold mine there at the bottom of that rainbow…taken just below our bedroom window in Fort Rixon.

ReflectionsAre we not all reflected in our progeny? How many times have we seen little kids standing in the same posture as their dad’s…little reflectors!


“When I grow up…I wanna be just like my big sister…”ReflectionsAnd this (above)…this is my all time favourite picture of my brother in law.


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Suki - 11. Aug, 2014 - Reply

Agreed. Reflections can be many things. Being the other way around, I often think they come to show us that there is often another side to things, a different way of looking at things maybe…Your brother in laws picture says a lot – how we can sit quietly in nature & reflect – think, process and refuel our hearts, minds and souls. Onward preparation.

I think for me when travelling in very hot climates, the tree reflecting shade is a great blessing.

As kids making animals reflections with our hands in the light.

Often something reflecting makes me stop, look and relax a bit.

I never see a reflection in an object when taking a picture and only fall over it later.:)

frankiekay - 11. Aug, 2014 - Reply

Your last comment is true, so recently I’ve been looking for them. Some have worked, others not. Ill post soon