Maziwa Farm…

Maziwa FarmIt’s not often that we get called back to the same place…with borehole drilling at US$95.00/metre, people are usually fairly constrained! However, after about 150m of drilling through solid rock, Mr Bhebe of Maziwa Farm got fed up and called us…he was very pleased when we found him several good bore-holes. So pleased, that he asked us to survey a property he owns here in Bulawayo and then, a couple of weeks later at his church. Despite Frank’s deepest misgivings about the site at the church, it was drilled and…they have called it “Zambezi!” Can you believe this…they went ahead and drilled the OTHER site at the church and astonishingly, found water there too.

The first time we went to the farm in Plumtree, I took photos of his wonderful herd of cattle, but none of his sheds or staff or anything identifiable – I’m pretty sensitive about that. I sent him the pics and he was huffy that I hadn’t taken more!

These cattle strolled over the little river, across the sand and got on with their lives right next to the car. I love that smell they have when they are chewing. The beautiful white one is a real princess! 2014-04-14 So when he needed water at a property in Plumtree town, he asked me go to to the farm and take more photos for his website…Now understand, I have no idea how to do a professional photo shoot – but I had a lot of fun. Several times, his staff and I couldn’t stand up straight we laughed so hard…this blasted flag for one, just wouldn’t straighten for us…one of the guys had a grand plan to lower it and, he said, it would “wake up” when he raised it.

SO…this photo (below) is the staff raising the flag in the morning at Maziwa Farm in Plumtree – Now that’s my story and I’m sticking to it…Maziwa Farm We went around the farm buildings, the chicken houses, and the new developments  and set up the guys looking busy. My joke about how they must act when the boss comes around fell rather flat! Actually he has a happy crowd of workers, and the guys pictured with the goats below clearly love their charges… 2014-07-30These (below) were all posed pictures by the way! Only the one of the guys loading the eggs into the car is real! I took a video of them “making” concrete and I had tears rolling down my face..Iet me know if they open. 2014-07-301I took a stack of others, and I hope they are OK for who ever does his website… Click to watch the video here… And hereOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Not hard to see apples don’t fall far with this guy…looks just like his daughter pictured above…OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA I can imagine in the future, Mr Bhebe may build a home overlooking the dam pictured above. There is an awesome kopie near the cattle pens… Maziwa Farm and it had a cave…of course I couldn’t resist climbing inside…hey, gimme a break – I’m not 50 yet!Maziwa Farm OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

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Suki - 07. Aug, 2014 - Reply

Now that posting I did so enjoy. Took me straight back to mums farm at Lake Mac, the cattle she was so proud of, the care and attention she took, used all herbal treatments etc. The workers gave us many moments of laughter and tears. Those cattle look in good condition. I applaud him. BEAUTIFUL rocks & cave 🙂

frankiekay - 07. Aug, 2014 - Reply

Thanks – we spent two good days there – Im guessing he won’t be as lucky with the next two boreholes as he was with the ones on the farm! The cave was Cooolll! I would have taken more, but my camera battery went flat

Suki - 08. Aug, 2014 - Reply

oops – back up battery required 🙂

frankiekay - 08. Aug, 2014 - Reply

Im told it will cost as much as replacing the camera – but now Im sorted with a cable from the inverter in the car, so I can charge on the go!

Suki - 08. Aug, 2014 -

Good plan Batman (woman) 🙂