CMR beetles

CMR beetles

CMR BeetleThese things were the bane of my life when we had two hundred and fifty rose bushes. Our gardener Rabson, spent hours chopping their heads off with secateurs…all his other assassination attempts didn’t work, the chemical just runs off that shiny armour.

CMR Beetle

Recently someone told me to put a bright yellow bucket with a little water in the bottom near the roses. The CMR Beetles are attracted to it, they plop inside, she says and drown….

I hate them. They turn this…

CMR BeetleInto this…

CMR BeetleI’ve always called them CMR beetles (I’m told CMR is because they share the same colours as Cape Mounted Riflemen!) Some people call them blister beetles and they do give you blisters if you assassinate them by squashing. That’s why I behead them, but will try death by drowning later in the season.

CMR BeetleMunch, munch, munch…off with your head, off with your head!



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Suki - 11. Aug, 2014 - Reply

🙂 I had clean forgotten about them until I saw your post 🙂

frankiekay - 11. Aug, 2014 - Reply

Bloody awful things!