GiraffeWe waited for ages for this guy to get down and drink!


Its not really surprising, hey? I felt like that tying my shoelaces when I was fat…you look down there, OH so far away and wonder if its really necessary. But it has to be done…giraffe

The image below required no patience, it was dead easy to get – I was on a golf cart at Zebula golf estate! giraffeHard decision…playing golf or taking photos of giraffe? Nah…


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Suki - 11. Aug, 2014 - Reply

Glad you have patience – I can get irritated fast 🙂 I often look at Giraffe & think they have quite a hard life. Did sit still last year in KNP when one was crunching bones. Amazing.

frankiekay - 11. Aug, 2014 - Reply

The shots taken in hwange were far away, so if he’d been eating bones I wouldn’t have heard, but both the title and the one at Zebula were very close. They are lovely things, I love their big sad eyes. There was a tame one at Todds and the Adams Apple hotels, and we would stop there esp to see the giraffe