Nature's Gardens



SundewI found these half way up a huge gomo (pronounced gormor) in the Matopos. The red caught my eye, but when I saw the little trichome like spikes…

SundewI’ve zoomed in on this one to show the leaves


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spookmoor - 31. Aug, 2014 - Reply

Looks grand.

frankiekay - 31. Aug, 2014 - Reply

It was stunning, Spook – peaceful and totally unexpected AND it wasn’t on the “correct” route back – we took the “shorter” way.
Thanks for the visit and I hope you enjoyed seeing the best part of Zimbabwe!

Suki - 03. Sep, 2014 - Reply

Nature is amazing. Takes advantage of what it is given to create more. I wonder how much we miss as we rush by in our busy days. In this case the red stops one in their tracks. A fairy swimming pool.

frankiekay - 03. Sep, 2014 - Reply

Aw man – I should have thought of that for the title of this post – Fairy Swimming pool…