St Francis Bay, South Africa

St Francis Bay, South Africa

Santareme SFBSt Francis Bay is an upmarket resort town in the Eastern Cape. We can only visit because we have relatives who live there and we can bum off them for a few weeks. (Below is the view from my brother-in-law’s balcony.)P1000718

Recently, I discovered a couple of my FB friends live in SFB and they were the incentive for me to visit again. Being the “poor relative” palled on us long ago!


The houses are huge, the yards tiny. A sea view is a must, and without one, your property is of less value. Directly in front of one of the houses our relatives own here, is a garden, set aside to maintain the natural vegetation found in the area. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Cute little benches are dotted about – great for communing with nature!



Little paths…OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWe have never visited here in August and consequently missed the best time: no Vaalies to be seen, and magic fynbos out in flower.



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Suki - 15. Sep, 2014 - Reply

What a superb place to have on ones doorstop.

frankiekay - 15. Sep, 2014 - Reply

It is, but pretty commercial, which has both advantages and disadvantages! One of the advantages is the deli is good – rich people like their goodies! Also there are not that many potholes in the road. Disadvantages is the huge numbers of people in the holiday season – the water tends to run out…but my sister in law has moved here with their little girl and it will be a superb place to homeschool her – so much to learn in and around a place like this

nomusa2 - 16. Sep, 2014 - Reply

Gorgeous xx

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frankiekay - 17. Sep, 2014 - Reply