VogelstruisleegteThese photographs were taken on the straightest, longest road I have ever driven on….somewhere in the Cape.Vogelstruisleegte

Stunningly beautiful views – if you are into the dark, arid aspects. There was no point in me taking pictures in the other direction – it was flat, flat, flat, for Idunnohowmany kilometers…OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

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bulldog - 25. Sep, 2014 - Reply

If you drive between Kuruman and Vryburg there is just straight roads… if they intend to set up a road block or speed trap next week you see it this week… each slight bend, and I mean the slightest is marked with bend markers just to let you know you need to tweak your steering wheel… but the whole drive is just flat… typical Kalahari… I love it…

frankiekay - 25. Sep, 2014 - Reply

I love it too – I didn’t even bother to try to “capture it on celluloid!” We just stopped and absorbed it, undisturbed by passing cars or annoying people. That purple nothingness…priceless. My brother in law lent us his (uninsured) Mercedes Bus for the drive…he showed me how easy it is to handle, that he often drives with no hands!!!! I was sure I didn’t need to learn this technique…until we hit that road. I will do it again, I know. On the hottest day in the year if poss…

Suki - 25. Sep, 2014 - Reply

Huge open spaces with not many people around…great!!

frankiekay - 25. Sep, 2014 - Reply

It was. We stopped the car and absorbed it – no photograph could possibly do it justice – I took these so that later in life it would jog my memory