OstrichesI’m not sure what caused the strange colours in these two photos, but I’ll just go with it! Taken at about ten in the morning with heavy cloud. I love the silver grass and thorns.Ostriches

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bulldog - 25. Sep, 2014 - Reply

I love the hue in these photos… one cannot duplicate natures often strange colours…

frankiekay - 25. Sep, 2014 - Reply

They are almost like a painting, hey? I’m glad I got these at least, because the photos of the valley of Desolation were terrible! Hazy and blue! I like the way the ostriches are all in a huddle staring at us…

Suki - 25. Sep, 2014 - Reply

Morning magic. Their feathers remind me of the feather dusters we used to have!

frankiekay - 25. Sep, 2014 - Reply

The wind was blowing strongly and ruffled their feathers

spookmoor - 29. Sep, 2014 - Reply

Looks grand.

frankiekay - 29. Sep, 2014 - Reply

Thanks for your visit – I admit to being pretty scared of them, especially in breeding season!