Valley of Desolation…

Valley of Desolation…

Valley of DesolationDidn’t look that desolate, because we’d had rain the previous night and it was hazy. Valley of Desolation

This view is looking down on one of the straightest roads I have ever driven on…Valley of DesolationI leaned over the edge – eeuw – all in the name of photography!Valley of Desolation

Next time we pass through Graaf Rinet I will JUST have to go back there when the colours are purple, blue and deep pink. The new SanPark facilities just outside Graaf Rinet are excellent.

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akarags - 04. Oct, 2014 - Reply

Good photos, but I am far too scared of heights. I would never be able to lean over a ledge and take a photo!

frankiekay - 04. Oct, 2014 - Reply

I am REALLY scared of heights – I just closed my eyes, pointed the camera and pushed the button! Im fine if I can’t see the ground – so looking at the view is great, but looking down is eeuw – even makes the ends of my fingers tingle now, thinking about it! But lets say it was all in the name of art