Dove Dove

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hihowsyou25 - 12. Oct, 2014 - Reply

Lovely capture of the collared dove, pretty birds , well done !

frankiekay - 12. Oct, 2014 - Reply

Thanks for the compliment, but actually it was easy peasy, they walk right up to you at the camp site! I love them, love the peaceful call they have.

Suki - 14. Oct, 2014 - Reply

The gentle noises they make can be so soothing. here we have bloomin great Seagulls 🙂

frankiekay - 14. Oct, 2014 - Reply

I tired to capture them (gulls) in celluloid…but I failed. The one I got closest to had fleas, I think. It just wouldn’t sit still, digging under his wing, or scratching his head!

Suki - 14. Oct, 2014 - Reply

I think the best thing is watching them on the damp grass…they stamp up and down as though squashing grapes. Makes the worms come up 🙂 They are also an bad storm indicator around here – they come onto fields etc in droves when a fierce storm approaches. the talk goes ” oh oh – the seagulls are in – tie down things”