I took these pictures on the way down from the Trig beacon in the corner of the farm in Fort Rixon…untouched, they are some of my favourite pictures of all time. Almost like a Japanese water-colourBonnybrook Trig beacon-023 Bonnybrook Trig beacon-024 P1000688r

I wrote a story about this place on my blog Frankie Kay

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Suki - 20. Oct, 2014 - Reply

Pictures like those almost stop us in our tracks and make us quiet and thoughtful. They speak of silence, rest, nature settling, new days, new beginnings and an almost spiritual awareness.

frankiekay - 20. Oct, 2014 - Reply

Yes – I agree. Reminds us that there is still beauty out there

Suki - 20. Oct, 2014 - Reply

Yes there is is in this over busy, over commercial, money grabbing world of ours….