Camping at Gona re Zhou…

We asked for a camp site at Chilojo Cliffs – and this is what we got:Camping at Gona re Zhou...These photos are all taken from our campsite! Camping at Gona re Zhou...

We arrived in the late afternoon – the sun shining on the cliffs.Camping at Gona re Zhou...There is water; river water, and far far away across the sand.  I wrote about digging for it on my writing blog here:Chilojo Cliffs Gona re Zhou

Word of advice – keep your emails arranging your booking at GRZ on your phone – when we got there they had no record of us!!

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Suki - 16. Oct, 2014 - Reply

Man alive those are some views. Could sit in a deckchair and do 360’s all day xxx

frankiekay - 16. Oct, 2014 - Reply

We did – it was an amazing few days – absolutely all alone although were visited by an ellie one night. Quite a peaceful chap, he just crashed around the car a bit, but didn’t do any damage other than to branches

Suki - 20. Oct, 2014 - Reply

They are such magnificent animals x

bulldog - 16. Oct, 2014 - Reply

a really special place in my heart…

frankiekay - 16. Oct, 2014 - Reply

Where the elephants as cheeky in your time? Boy, they were scary when we went – chased us nearly 500m

bulldog - 16. Oct, 2014 - Reply

They werefine when we got there and then theystsrted culling… ellies don’t like that… but when wemoved to Twisa siding we had aresident bull that stayed in camp with us,…. i think he felt safe from the cullers… quite tame he was too…. I slapped him on the arse once toget him to move, he did very reluctantly…. you must remembrr by then we were a little bush… the bull hated thetrain though… when it past he would chase it and a day or two later return… I covered this whole trip in my book… wonderful memories I have of that place…

frankiekay - 16. Oct, 2014 - Reply

I wondered if perhaps they have always been shot at and poached for years – antiquity perhaps – and that is why they were so cheeky! Since the river is sort of navigable, people must could have hunted there easily, and removed the ivory too.

frankiekay - 16. Oct, 2014 - Reply

OOps – I didn’t know you wrote a book….what is the link?

Robert Schofield - 04. May, 2019 - Reply

Have you ever been there? This is a must visit place. I was their in the Army once a pone a time? So beautiful. they do look like Castles in the sky? Gorgeous scenery! A must see site to go to. On your way back to Bulawayo do a turn in there? Regards Rob.

Frankie Kay - 15. May, 2019 - Reply

Yes, we went to Gona re Zhou – we camped at the cliffs – very wild and very beautiful – just the Ellies area bit cheeky!