Black Rhino…

Tell me this guy wasn’t watching me? Begging for a photoshoot? Black Rhino

He stood nicely for a while, and then scratched against the tree…

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Suki - 20. Oct, 2014 - Reply

May he walk in peace and safety

frankiekay - 20. Oct, 2014 - Reply

I thought very much the same kind of thing when I watched them, because the more of them there, the more chance there is for them to be murdered as the prices go up internationally. It was good to see the guard lookout huts all over, but I must say, I didn’t see one armed guard – I hope they are there!

Suki - 21. Oct, 2014 - Reply

Our precious wildlife does not stand a chance against the greed of man…..

frankiekay - 21. Oct, 2014 - Reply

Yes – and to blame it on us Africans is crazy…until everyone accepts responsibility its all going to disappear

Suki - 21. Oct, 2014 -

Total apathy over here. Most have never seen a rhino. Others dont care. The burden sits on Africa and its children to try and assist.

frankiekay - 21. Oct, 2014 -

I’m sorry to hear that, after all its not us that can afford to do that.
I admit I have never been able to see Rhino much close up and it was very interesting to sit watching them for as long as we did. Internet permitting, Im intending to make up a post of the pics I took while watching three pairs of Rhino drink at a pan. It was almost choreographed…

Suki - 21. Oct, 2014 -

Campaigning here is left to ex Rhodesians and South Africans, plus folk who have visited. The plight of any deaths gets an “oh shame” & most move on with their lives. I work with people who have never left the town they were born in. Never travelled out of the country. They do not know the magnificence of Africa, the nature and all living beings.

frankiekay - 21. Oct, 2014 -

That is really sad…(PS, Im pretty guilty of that! I have never been out of Africa! Well…Dubai is still Africa isnt it?) My daughter also noticed terrible apathy – half of them couldn’t even pick out a Rhino in a line up!

Suki - 23. Oct, 2014 -

This is a very materialistic world and X boxes, phones and tablets, pubs & football go way ahead of any wildlife even here, let alone in another country….