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Church, in Graaf-Reinet

The first time I saw this church I loved it, but didn’t have a camera with me – we just whizzed past it on our way to the coast…so the next time, I made sure I took my camera along and stopped to capture this beautiful church.Church - Graaf-Reinet

It’s in the middle of town. We drove through on a Sunday, if I remember and the town was quiet.Church - Graaf-Reinet

I couldn’t get the it all in, no matter how hard I tried, the spire is just too tall.

Church - Graaf-ReinetIf that clock is to be believed, we were late and needed to push on. Please excuse the minibus in the foreground – it wasn’t a moving one – just PARKED there!

The next time we passed though Graaf-Reinet, it was dark!!! I had SO hoped to be there at sunset or at least with that lovely evening light, but we were just too late. Probably because I stopped too many times along the road earlier taking photos! So this is my effort:

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERATaken from the roof of the bus! I couldn’t keep still in the blowing wind. I didn’t take any more when we passed back through, although I was tempted let me tell you! Instead I took this one from the view above the town…Amazing zoom on these cameras.

Church - Graaf-ReinetYep – from up here! That’s me, walking back from the dizzy edge, the town down there below.Church Graaf-Reinet




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Joseph Blanche - 03. Nov, 2014 - Reply

Reblogged this on Its all about having a heart!.

Suki - 06. Nov, 2014 - Reply

🙂 we always dashed past so nice to see it motionless

frankiekay - 06. Nov, 2014 - Reply

It’s lovely and HUGE – Id love to go inside. I managed to get into conversation with the flower lady at Knysna – and took the photos in the old church…its worth a stop though

Suki - 06. Nov, 2014 - Reply

Madly writes on long bucket list x