Howz this????? A (well-known) artist, Neil Nicholson saw one of my Zebra photos and decided to painted it! I’m soon to be famous!



Zebra Below is the original taken at the Khama Rhino Sanctuary:Zebra

Many thanks Neil for allowing me to put it on my blog!


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Suki - 07. Nov, 2014 - Reply

Inspiring the art world now! xx

Suki - 07. Nov, 2014 - Reply

well done

frankiekay - 07. Nov, 2014 - Reply

Magic hey? And quickly too – within days of posting the photo, he got hold of me to show me progress…if you count the legs in my photo there are too many! A Zebra is hidden at the back somehow

Suki - 07. Nov, 2014 - Reply

There is always one in life that is difficult – human or animal – they come to test our patience 🙂

frankiekay - 07. Nov, 2014 - Reply

Ya – 17 legs and four zebra – that’s a test!

Suki - 07. Nov, 2014 -

Get out the eraser!

frankiekay - 08. Nov, 2014 -


Gomer Pyle - 08. Nov, 2014 - Reply

Chuckling at the amount of legs on show ….. .lovely capture non the less and beautifully painted …. thanks for the share !

frankiekay - 09. Nov, 2014 - Reply

I have zoomed into this pic and still can’t find the missing zebra . I’m guessing no lion will find him and he will live to a ripe old age