Another painting…

This time… a watercolour, by Bruce Brislin. BruceB chilojocliffs

From this photograph (below) of the Chilojo Cliffs, Gona re Zhou.

Chilojo Cliffs, Gona re Zhou

Bruce is a pretty talented chap…author as well as painter! He has written several books about Africa, places such as the Gona re Zhou, Mozambique, Botswana. Here is a link to his autobiography…

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Suki - 04. Dec, 2014 - Reply

Lovely painting from the picture. Very close. How nice. A wonderful talent.

frankiekay - 04. Dec, 2014 - Reply

Yes it is… I feel very honoured to have TWO artists use my photographs as a basis for a painting.

Suki - 04. Dec, 2014 - Reply

Go girl!! xx