Is that a dog I can see?


Meet Bella and Tom Tom (so called because he has a fantastic navigation system: bed, food bowl, sandbox, play time…)

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AnaLuciaSilva - 14. Jan, 2015 - Reply


frankiekay - 14. Jan, 2015 - Reply

Thank you – she is a very beautiful lady – half wild cat. She has a silky smooth coat, like velvet. She moves and looks just like I wish I did!

bulldog - 15. Jan, 2015 - Reply

Lovely photo

frankiekay - 15. Jan, 2015 - Reply

Hardly ever do I get an older cat and enjoy it as much as a kitten, but this lady is special – a bit noisy (but that smacks of pots and kettles) and she runs in front of my feet which can be dangerous if she tries that on the car. Im afraid this blog may become plagued with photos of Bella

Suki - 15. Jan, 2015 - Reply

Oh bless – such concentration <3 bet Tom Tom is the ginger! cats have got it right in this world. xx

frankiekay - 15. Jan, 2015 - Reply

I want to be a cat in my next life

Suki - 15. Jan, 2015 - Reply

Eish….maybe you are right but I would like to specify whose house I go to 🙂