I have been asked on numerous occasions to photograph Inthabazinduna which is just outside Bulawayo on the Harare road. It’s a fairly obvious landmark, a long, flat topped hill that sticks out above the surrounding, flat flat plateau…But actually, its not that easy to photograph – it just comes out as a long flat hill in an otherwise boring plateau!

So I decided I should maybe get up close, and perhaps it would come out better.

Very near Inthabazinduna is a little round hill, the same height, known as Maxim Hill. This one was easy to photograph…


I’m told its called Maxim Hill (or sometimes Maxim Kopie) because it was the last place the Maxim Gun was used against the Ndebele during the war in 1898.

Inthabazinduna Inthabazinduna Inthabazinduna

This is the view of Maxim Hill taken coming down Inthabazinduna with the stunning skies behind. Rain here in dry Matabeleland is always welcomed with intense relief, jubilation and much running about in it! This rain storm soon moved over and belted down in buckets! Below is a pic of the same hill, this time shrouded in much needed rain…


I am afraid the rain foiled my efforts at photographing Inthabazinduna! It came down in sheets and I couldn’t even see the road! But I did open the window and take this one…:


As you can see, it is a boring flat topped hill with a history!

This is what is on top of Inthabazinduna though! A view of Bulawayo and the cement factory (wow…!) and an idea of the vastness of the African plateau – one of the oldest pieces of Gondwanaland remaining. This flat topped hill, and Maxim Hill nearby are all that remains of an even more ancient plateau…



The rocks, Inthabazinduna is made of. (Above.)

The view over Bulawayo and the vast plateau…


And within minutes, the rain came down, the lightening struck and I was in four wheel drive – the mud in that area is legendary!


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Suki - 19. Jan, 2015 - Reply

Really interesting – never knew that. Have to laugh at the hill – it is like a pimple 🙂 The road picture where the trees make a tunnel is so pretty! Rain through the windscreen is cool. Brewing clouds in some pictures.

frankiekay - 19. Jan, 2015 - Reply

Yeah – I learned about taking pics of the rain through the windscreen from you! Its very effective – and you can’t even see the bonnet! Yes – the hill is a joke. There is a path up there and a thought crossed my mind…”Ill climb up…take photos of Inthabazinduna from there…” and clap – a massive, blinding, jagged reminder of how much higher it is up on Maxim Hill than in my warm, insulated by tyres car…

Suki - 20. Jan, 2015 - Reply

Yikes – be safe on these capers of yours. I love taking the rain pictures! Quite cool in the car wash too 🙂

Margaret Macneill - 18. Oct, 2015 - Reply

Once again Frankie I am stunned by your photos. You bring everything alive.
I am so fortunate to have subscribed to your mails.
This in addition to you posts on Bulawayo Worldwide just blow me away.
Thank you.

frankiekay - 18. Oct, 2015 - Reply

Whoa – thanks for that – Im glad you enjoy them, it gives me incentive to improve. When I began posting on FB I didn’t even know how to crop a photo! Ive learned so much from people looking at them and commenting.

wolfgang weissenstein - 19. Oct, 2015 - Reply

Great photographs. They’ve reminded me of cycling along those roads. Over the shoulder between Maxim Hill and the great Thabazinduna Plateau. A little daunting though, for an eight year old, on his way to school at Fairbridge. I imagine that it must have seemed so much bigger then.

frankiekay - 19. Oct, 2015 - Reply

Yes, its funny how now, when we are all grown up, some things appear so small! The day I took these I had alotta fun! I love the rain, and it bucketed down with all the buildup – snot and trane!
I went to Essexvale school, and along with Fairbridge, the little school in Colleen Bawn, and the one in Gwanda and Lockview, we all competed against each other a few times per year. Do you remember that? Us girls had to play cricket and rugby because there were not enough boys to make a team!