Its been very dry this year, it’s January already and some people have not even planted their crops yet, or if they have, their mealies are knee high. Many people who planted their maize with the early rains watched it wither and die as the skies remained cloudless. The rain has begun again, but only really boosts the grass for cattle grazing.

Below are some pics taken up a mountain in the Matopos where even the resurrection plant is struggling to remain green! http://www.plantzafrica.com/plantklm/myrothamflabell.htm

These tough grasses grew, then turned yellow during the drought and then green again with the recent rains…

Matopos Matopos Matopos Matopos

That brown stuff in the middle is the resurrection plant… myrothamnus flabellifolius usually green at this time of the year…


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Suki - 19. Jan, 2015 - Reply

Oh brother….water is the life blood of this world. I always find it hard to balance when we are “floating” in the stuff and Africa needs it so badly. I still tell people to fix dripping taps, shut off running water, stop wasting……I remember the boreholes drying up on the farm all too well. Once experienced – never forgotten.

frankiekay - 19. Jan, 2015 - Reply

Yes – I have some memories – the 1991 drought and having to sell my cows on the auctions – I was PG and hubbie was not there – I was terrified. Then 1995 was no better and 1998! Oh brother…so yes – I always greet the rain with a look upwards at the old bokkie…

Suki - 19. Jan, 2015 - Reply

On the camps and roads in Kruger FB site yesterday – there was the picture of a little girl aged +- 2 – visiting from Canada. She was outside on the deck of the Mug & Bean in the pouring rain. Her little face turned heavenwards, a smile on her face and her little hands cupped catching the water. Quiet and loving it. Her father said she would not go in. They say out of the mouth of babes & this was the case. As adults we have lost the delight of childhood. When did anyone stand outside in the rain and look up with thanks? xxx

frankiekay - 19. Jan, 2015 - Reply

That is a cute story – also remember, the rain here is often warm compared with elsewhere – so you can sit out in it! I will NOT use an umbrella – I’m always scared it will chase the rain away! I love getting wet!

Suki - 19. Jan, 2015 -

I don’t use an umbrella here either – I am trying to shrink!!