Matopos in the mist!

Here in Zimbabwe, the weather usually obliges. When I woke, on the morning of our projected photographic foray to Matopos, I wondered…

The drizzle started before we even left town and by the time we got to the Blue Hills, the clouds were down to road level.

We persisted with the photographs however and below are some of them…



Matopos Matopos Matopos Matopos Matopos MatoposMatopos Matopos

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Suki - 19. Jan, 2015 - Reply

Makes it look like the eastern Highlands. My favourites the 2 roads through the rocks with the biggest jutting rock the top. That one rock looks like 2 old folk/aliens surveying the scene 🙂 Moisture for the hills is good.

frankiekay - 19. Jan, 2015 - Reply

It was as magical as always, but I wasn’t sure how well it would come off on film…it was difficult and I got several duds!

Suki - 19. Jan, 2015 - Reply

All pictures are super and a joy to see

Rob. Eastley - 21. Jan, 2015 - Reply

Wonderful! So many memories. Thank you.

frankiekay - 21. Jan, 2015 - Reply

It was a lovely day – different, because of the mist and the rocks a little slippery. But the dark green moss and the bright almost luminous lichens showed up very well

Lynda Guy - 29. Jan, 2015 - Reply

Love the atmosphere in the misty one! I can smell Africa from here in snowy cold Michigan! On our Bucket List to get back one day ~~~

frankiekay - 29. Jan, 2015 - Reply

Thanks – it was a lovely day, different. Sometimes when its cold weather, you can’t imagine sweltering in 40 degree heat can you? Michigan is not on my bucket list!