Sunset through the trees…

Sunset through the trees

I took these photographs very close to Tashinga Camp in Matusadona National Park.

Sunset through the trees

We had been driving all day, trying to get to the Matusadona Mountains I had heard so much about…I’m embarrassed to say, we didn’t get there  – the roads were too bad. This is a very difficult admission for me to make – she who prides herself on going anywhere!

Sunset through the trees


Below…what is left of the road in some places!!!

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Suki - 26. Jan, 2015 - Reply

Pale pastels as it goes – looks so peaceful.

Man alive that road is bad – you need one of those monster trucks or a tank 🙂

frankiekay - 26. Jan, 2015 - Reply

Actually, mostly the road went around these eroded places – it was mostly the river crossing that were bad and also the trees growing alongside the road had almost closed over in places…But Im sad to say, the mountain is still on my ‘to do’ list

Suki - 26. Jan, 2015 - Reply

Good keep it there. If your too do list is as long as mine, it may take a while. 🙂

frankiekay - 26. Jan, 2015 - Reply

I’m guessing the road can only be worse!

Suki - 26. Jan, 2015 -

Hey – that’s half the excitement

frankiekay - 26. Jan, 2015 -