Tree canopy

There is something primal about a tree canopy and it’s difficult to capture in an image.

This one, in Vocolo, Filabusi covered the road and gave me that cozy feeling you get from a shady tree overhead. I love the little dark window, calling…


I couldn’t resist sitting under this one.

Msasa Trees

I wonder if humans evolved under this kind of canopy. I can quite see myself living here…

Msasa Trees

Then…sitting there, I saw this…!

Msasa Trees

Tell me this tree doesn’t talk to you? Call you? Well it did me!

Msasa Trees


And how is this arch of trees as in invitation to Matopos?


This (below) is a tree very near to the orbicular granite site at Diana’s Pools in the Matopos.Matopos Tree

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Suki - 26. Jan, 2015 - Reply

We hear stories of mass cutting of trees, yet in these we see so many beautiful trees that ones heart is glad. Such a fantastic green pic 1. Oh brother that Msasa is lovely – I am going to share it with a link to your blog. Sitting under the tree to contemplate would be nice but as for “living” there….I would need a very tall tree and a several roomed tree house!! Fell over looking up at the top of the last one. 🙂

frankiekay - 26. Jan, 2015 - Reply

I do have a selective lens! But the pic of the ‘entrance’ to Matopos was once part of a band of huge trees – now many missing. Even in Filabusi recently, I noticed several newly cut stumps. We need to plant more – yet when I suggested that to our client, he stared at us as if it were a novel concept. Yet our own President plants a tree every year on National Tree Planting day! For me, still, the biggest destruction to our trees was done in the National Forests – the huge teaks and Mukwa’s and never replaced – sad