I couldn’t resist taking these photo’s – it was like a photo-shoot for Bambi!


I tried to get the camera to blur the flowers and focus on the Impala…Bambi

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bulldog - 04. Feb, 2015 - Reply

Great photos again

frankiekay - 04. Feb, 2015 - Reply

I was lucky with the flowers! And the impala – SO tame

spookmoor - 04. Feb, 2015 - Reply

Grand as always.

frankiekay - 04. Feb, 2015 - Reply

Thanks, and thanks for the visit

Suki - 08. Feb, 2015 - Reply

Big groups of them. ice catch in the flowers xx Some call them the kokerots (cockroaches) of the bushveld as there are so many BUT I prefer them called the MacDonalds because of the M’s on their behinds 🙂

frankiekay - 09. Feb, 2015 - Reply

Although there are a lot of them in this park, they are larger than in Mana. There, they are like sheep – and hundreds of them too