Tick birds…

When I was a kid there were tick birds all over the cattle – egrets in the grass. Then, they disappeared almost entirely when we were farming.

We sat watching this one, and the birds crawling all over him. He kept trying to chase them away…

Tick birds Tick birds Tick birds

This one had a full facial!

Tick birds


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bulldog - 04. Feb, 2015 - Reply

These birds are also known to open and clean sores… maybe that is why they were being chased… eina…

frankiekay - 04. Feb, 2015 - Reply

I didn’t know that…what are they? Its been so long since I saw as many. On the farm, our dips killed all the birds, and the only tick birds I ever saw were in the TTL’s or in the National Parks. We saw hundreds on this herd of Impala

bulldog - 04. Feb, 2015 - Reply

They look like red billed ox peckers

frankiekay - 04. Feb, 2015 - Reply

Thanks for that! My camera didn’t pick them up too well – but since I saw them pretty clearly, I think you are right.

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spookmoor - 04. Feb, 2015 - Reply

They are pretty for a horrible job.

frankiekay - 04. Feb, 2015 - Reply

I haven’t seen this many for years
– much better than our terrible dips

Suki - 08. Feb, 2015 - Reply

Enjoy the last picture. Bless him. decorated with eager birds. Saw a lot in Kruger, Pilanesberg and Marakele when I was there. Nice Frankie xx

frankiekay - 09. Feb, 2015 - Reply

Thanks. I haven’t seen them for years. Appear to have disappeared in Zimbabwe