I was pleased with this ‘full frontal’ shot because usually the part of the waterbuck you see is the white ring around his butt…as he heads off into the bush.

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bulldog - 04. Feb, 2015 - Reply

Good photo

frankiekay - 04. Feb, 2015 - Reply

Thanks – It’s a pity I had to zoom out so far – the zoom is always blurry – but I couldn’t resist this pic on my blog

spookmoor - 04. Feb, 2015 - Reply

Always loved them too and it is so long since I last saw one.

frankiekay - 04. Feb, 2015 - Reply

I loved his long beard! Lovely and white

Suki - 08. Feb, 2015 - Reply

Such gentle animals. We were watching a group in Kruger and a little voice from the next game viewing vehicle piped up – in a voice that could be heard miles away……”Is that what they call ring sting dad?” The father slid down and the buck all disappeared as we shrieked with laughter…

frankiekay - 09. Feb, 2015 - Reply

Oh, that is really a good one! “Out of the mouths of babes…”