“She is taking pictures of Rhino – do you think she will notice me now?”



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Suki - 07. Feb, 2015 - Reply

Hi – don’t recognise the birds? Beautiful rhino. May it live in peace and safety xx

frankiekay - 07. Feb, 2015 - Reply

I had never seen one of these until we went to Khama Sanctuary. We have the arrow marked babblers and they are much harder to photograph, and yes, the Rhino is lovely

bulldog - 08. Feb, 2015 - Reply

Southern Pied Babbler….

frankiekay - 08. Feb, 2015 - Reply

Thanks for that ID – I can’t believe how tame these guys are and how prepared they are to be photographed! Our arrowmarked are pretty shy and won’t keep still for a minute, and then make a helluva noise when they spot you trying! (PS – actually, the babbler was just an excuse to put another rhino pic into my blog!)