Once again, Khama Rhino Sanctuary provided the experience of a lifetime and one I won’t forget. This time, we made sure we arrived in plenty of time for the sunset! I didn’t get a decent shot of the pan – its just too vast!

Pretty close to the road is a patch of salt that the animals appear to visit, lick at the rocks and move on. We parked closeby and watched them. Kudu, impala, warthog…wildebeeste.




and then…the rhino strolled into into the frame:



He checked us out…Rhino

Pooped on the other poop…


And then strolled away to the main pan…Rhino


I sat silent (for a change) as they walked past the car, and I swear, they creak, like a new leather saddle on a horse!

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Suki - 18. Feb, 2015 - Reply

What a beautiful experience. I hope it made your heart sing. Nature is so good to us. When we need it – we can sit silently 🙂 and absorb xx

frankiekay - 18. Feb, 2015 - Reply

Actually, I was a bit nervous – Rhino are really large creatures and they went right IN FRONT of the car – and they clearly saw us! Several times they turned to look at us. The following day looking for a good place to photograph at the salt pan, we parked right on top of the poop patch!! It took us only a few minutes to work that out and move away! Although our car feels like the QE II to drive, its only a little bigger than a Rhino – and I really didn’t want to set myself up as competition for that poop patch!

lynda1950 - 18. Feb, 2015 - Reply

Loved these photos! Such a nice thing to see on a winter’s morning here in frozen Michigan. My hubby and I were both born in Zim, but have been gone a long time. It never leaves one soul. Are you by any chance related to Ian and Kerry Kay? Kerry and I went to school together in Swaziland.

frankiekay - 18. Feb, 2015 - Reply

Oops – here its 32 degrees Celsius!!! Is that the Kerry Kay from Marondera? Isn’t she a Doctor? Frankie Kay is a pen name I use to write under – I teach children when I’m not writing or taking photos! And my book is not really children’s material!
I began this blog for people like you and your hubby – many ex Zimbabweans like the ‘everyday’ scenes I capture. They remind them of where they were born and brought up. Please have a look at the other photos on my blog and I LOVE comments! Especially from Zimbabweans living abroad. Mostly, I take photos in Matabeleland, Botswana and South Africa rather than Mashonoland as we hardly ever go up that end of the country.
This is a link to my writing blog: frankiekay.wordpress.com