Scavengers of the African Continent…


Vultures and hyena come to mind when one thinks of the dustmen of the African Continent, but there are many smaller creatures that abound in the undergrowth, keeping our countryside clean!

Scavengers of the African Continent...

These creatures pop out of the sand and gobble up dead animals washed up  on the beach. I was amazed how quickly they found this dead squid…I mean, there are waves continually bashing in on the beach, and yet they still managed to get back to the carcass as soon as they could, only to deal with the next wave! This photograph was taken on a beach that will one day house a nuclear power station!

Scavengers of the African Continent...


This is the road between West Nicholson and Beit Bridge traveling South from Bulawayo.

A cow was hit by a car, by the looks of things. We watched several other vehicles swerve around  to avoid these vultures – they don’t get up off the ground very easily! We watched them for a while, took a few video. I especially liked how, when they reaslied they couldn’t fly off, they vomited up what was in their tummies! Then flew away and waited in the trees nearby.

Scavengers of the African Continent...

I was very pleased to see a whole lot of vultures circling overhead recently at home – we havent seen vultures there for a long time. I think one of the tick dips we were using was killing them.

Scavengers of the African Continent...Close up of a vulture…

Scavengers of the African Continent...

For more pics of vultures, please click here: taken at the Khama Rhino Sanctuary

Below is a pic of a jackal – When we were farming, these things were a pest – now I take photos of them!



His tummy looks pretty fat –

I don’t have any pics of a hyena yet – Ill post when I do!





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Suki - 09. Mar, 2015 - Reply

Your’e right as soon as you said cleanup, I thought of vultures forgetting the rest of lifes cycle. That Jackal looks well fed 🙂
I am off to see the Vulture feeding platform in Marakele on 1 April. Can sit for hours watching them sweeping the skies and the intricate manners of disposal.

frankiekay - 09. Mar, 2015 - Reply

Can’t wait to see the photos