Push me, Pull me…

Push me, Pull me

Mmmm, maybe not!

Push me, Pull me

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JohnRH - 08. Mar, 2015 - Reply

Wow! A two-headed… uh… uh… Oh! Klipspringer!! And at least one different one in the second picture. ‘Blends well with the koppies’ according to Wiki. Never needs to drink, due to eating succulent plants. Now THAT is clever.

frankiekay - 08. Mar, 2015 - Reply

Here, they are called Klippies, for short! I love them, they don’t run away – just watch you carefully for ages! They are all over Southern Africa where there are small hills and places for them to hide out during the day. Kopjies as referred to in Wiki, are the boulders I have photographed and tagged Matopos. Some are small, others so huge, they don’t come off on a photograph. Im glad you have found my photoblog – now we can share the beauties of our respective countries…

Suki - 09. Mar, 2015 - Reply

Cuties. Lovely to see. Thank you. xx

spookmoor - 09. Mar, 2015 - Reply

Brings back memories and haven’t seen one for donkeys years.

frankiekay - 09. Mar, 2015 - Reply

I too like them – mostly because they hold a pose long enough for me to fiddle about with my camera