Maleme Dam Wall…

Maleme Dam Wall

Maleme Dam is in the Matopos. I can’t help but take a photo each time I cross over the wall/bridge and then I HAVE to take a photo in the other direction…the jumble of rocks is so classic! I have this view taken on all my cameras!

Maleme Dam Wall

It always looks as if its going up hill – but it isn’t! This is downstream from the dam! This pic taken through the passenger window…Maleme Dam Wall

Maleme dam has huge rocks all around it.

Maleme Dam Wall

The above is the same view taken after dark

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Bruce Gardner - 18. Apr, 2015 - Reply

I think like most Byo people I’ve seen that view and climbed the hills around Maleme many many times. Its a wonderful spot and I really hope that one day I can return there and experience the same joy in my heart for those beautiful surroundings! You are very fortunate Frankie to live there! Enjoy! Love your photos!

frankiekay - 18. Apr, 2015 - Reply

Thanks for the comment, Bruce – you are right – that is one of the reasons I always photograph that jumble of rocks – its unmistakeable to anyone who has ever crossed the dam wall, and yes – the graffiti is still there too! Although, I didn’t take a pic of that! (the one on the rock as you drive over the wall!) We only got there late, so didn’t have much time to explore the dam – another time – maybe when you come to visit your hometown!

matobosoul - 18. Apr, 2015 - Reply

I remember Maleme so well, especially driving over in the car – a little scared we might go over the edge – but it was so exciting. I also have the same photograph of the massive boulders. Thanks so much for posting these – great memories!

frankiekay - 18. Apr, 2015 - Reply

I bet we all do! They are unmistakeable. The dam is very low atm – or the reflection would have been much better! Good viewing day, yesterday – got some lovely photos

Dawn - 18. Apr, 2015 - Reply

Beautiful shots Frankie, still waters are so rewarding to photograph !

frankiekay - 18. Apr, 2015 - Reply

True – but I was very impressed with the amount of light this camera managed to get in after dark! I intend to explore the light capabilities of this camera more

Suki - 19. Apr, 2015 - Reply

The “might and grandeur” of nature reflected in calm pictures. Nice.

frankiekay - 19. Apr, 2015 - Reply

Thanks – it was lovely being there all alone

El Rolyat - 02. May, 2015 - Reply

I’ve never been to Maleme (in fact until today I’d never heard of it. How could I be so ignorant about my own country? Shameful!) but wish I had. It’s beautiful.
Those rocks (boulders?) look like they’ve been tossed there by an angry giant.

frankiekay - 02. May, 2015 - Reply

Maleme was a very popular camping site, “back in the day!!” The strange thing about these rocks is that this river is going “down hill” and yet it appears on the photographs as if you are looking up! PS- there are lots of places in Mashonaland that I have never heard of!!!
Most of the rocks in Matopos look as if a bunch of angry giants have been throwing rocks around!

El Rolyat - 02. May, 2015 - Reply

It *does* look like you’re looking up! Amazing!