Mshelele Dam…

Mshelele Dam, in the Matopos has incredible granite rocks towering over it. Makes for lovely reflections on the water…Mshelele Dam

Mshelele Dam Mshelele Dam Mshelele Dam

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Suki - 19. Apr, 2015 - Reply

Rocks add a toughness to the picture. Incredible in size. Dam looks quite peaceful. Water lillies were blooming wherever I was in SA. So pretty.

frankiekay - 19. Apr, 2015 - Reply

Yes and I HAD to wade a bit to get a decent shot at them!!! Oh that squidgy feeling between my toes!

El Rolyat - 02. May, 2015 - Reply

Another dam I’d not heard of – oh dear.
Beautiful pics – I love the waterlilies!

frankiekay - 02. May, 2015 - Reply

This is a far superior dam (in my opinion!!) the rocks are stunning, the early morning and sunset shots are dramatic and for me, the big plus, is that its pretty far off the beaten track – Maleme is a little too public for me! There are other pics of this dam on my blog – search on Mshelele Dam!