World’s View…

Is the burial site of Cecil John Rhodes. Luckily its not a steep climb, rather the entrance fee of $4.00 that puts us off visiting. Luckily, we had a friend with us who insisted…!

The grave of Cecil John Rhodes

Simple words as you see.Grave of Cecil John Rhodes, World's View

Just down the hill is the memorial “TO BRAVE MEN” Four relief panels (copper, I think, judging by the green stains) are built into a memorial built with huge granite blocks. About five metres tall, it seems tiny against the background of the Matopos.

Worlds View memorial

To Brave Men MemorialIts not called World’s View for nothing…

Cecil John Rhodes Grave

This view (above) is taken standing with the memorial at my back. Taken in late summer, the grass is turning golden.Rhodes Grave

I was very lucky with the light – the strong African sun was partly obscured by a cloud and it meant I could take photos from both sides of World’s View.
Cecil John Rhodes Grave

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spookmoor - 18. Apr, 2015 - Reply

You know I spent many years growing up in Bulawayo, not quite, Plumtree school and spent many a happy week end with Sixpence Kinleyside who’s Dad was long standing Mayor of Bullies. Yet I have never visited World’s View or Rhodes’s grave, how sad.

frankiekay - 18. Apr, 2015 - Reply

THAT is very sad, Spook. You really should have done that at least, although I prefer other places in the Matopos like Ififi and Mshelele Dam…When you come home sometime, make sure you get hold of me and we will go to World’s View – just don’t forget your Zim ID – or you pay $10.00 for the pleasure!

Greg Lindebaum - 19. Apr, 2015 - Reply

Your Matopas pics have brought back so many lovely memories. Bit heartsore. Thank you none-the-less.
Regards Greg.

frankiekay - 19. Apr, 2015 - Reply

Thanks for the visit and comment – glad you enjoy them

Suki - 19. Apr, 2015 - Reply

Hopefully by getting money they will realise its potential and not desecrate like the trend in SA. Never made it thre. Thank you.

frankiekay - 19. Apr, 2015 - Reply

I haven’t been there much myself and not at all since they began to charge! But I’d forgotten what a magic view it has!

davidac977 - 30. Dec, 2015 - Reply

I can remember back in the 70’s, we would have a party at someone’s house for New Year, then a group of us would pile into cars and head up to Worldsview to see the Sun rise. Although we were already fairly pouggie we would have our road pops and sing and cheer when the sun came up. Just another wonderful memory of a great life for which I will ever be thankful.

Thank you Frankie for bringing this all back to mind and the sights smells and sounds to the forefront.

[…] I’m guessing they have grown rather, since the Rhodes Centenary Exhibition, which was a pretty big affair, by all accounts, with royalty attending and all! Rhodes, born in 1853 came to Africa and made heaps of money! A commemoration of the one-hundredth anniversary of his birth was opened by the Queen Mother, in July 1953. (This country was still a British colony then.) Several of the events were held in this park. Rhodes, who founded the country we now know as Zimbabwe, is buried in the Matopos, about 50km from Bulawayo. I have previously posted photos on my blog here. […]