Modes of Transportation…

The roads in the Makaya’s or Communal Lands, are not the best and traffic is sparse. People walk, or catch a ride on a scotch-cart…

Modes of TransportationThe above pic is taken in the Mbalabala area driving towards Nswazi.

Modes of Transportation

Women carry enormous weights on their heads, often for long distances. Water, buckets of mealie-meal…firewood. They start young too!

Modes of Transportation

Modes of Transportation

Boys, I see, are a little more techno friendly!!!

Modes of Transportation

A sort of “push-me-pull-me” going on here!

Modes of TransportationThe photos were all taken in Nswazi when we were looking for boreholes for the Seventh Day Adventist Church – they are building a whole load of churches throughout the country. Lets hope they get water here – its pretty dry generally.


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Suki - 03. May, 2015 - Reply

Loved seeing those. reminders of my recent trip. Only in Africa…