Nswazi, overlooking Mbalabala…

NswaziExcuse the ugly cell phone masts – just can’t get away from them, hey?


Rural homes in the communal lands…comfortable, cheap and with a very small ‘carbon footprint.’

NswaziWe did three borehole surveys in this area – lets hope we were successful – water can be very short here in the winter months and people walk for miles with buckets on their heads…

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rennydiokno2015 - 28. Apr, 2015 - Reply

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Suki - 03. May, 2015 - Reply

Love this tour of areas I never got to go to. Thanks. Hope you find water.

frankiekay - 03. May, 2015 - Reply

So do we!!! We hate it when the client doesnt get water – thanks for the visit and comment –