Mbilamboya River…

Is in Nswazi!

Further upstream are Diana’s Pools…(I’ve written about them and the orbicular granite, here on my blog…)

Surveying for water at three new Seventh Day Adventist Churches, we crossed this river several times…

These photos were taken in the late afternoon, hurrying back home.

The gravel road here is fairly good, the causeway curving around a glade of trees.

Mbilamboya River

Mbilamboya River

Its unusual to find running water in Matabeleland, but the water seeps slowly out of the Matopos and collects in the rivers leading from there…

Mbilamboya River

I think that is a little weir up there – we didn’t have time to stop and walk along the bank…

Mbilamboya River

This pic is taken on the downstream side of the causeway.

Mbilamboya River

I got out of the car and steadied the camera on the concrete of the causeway, and tried out a fancy feature called “sparkling water” but it only made silly non-authentic looking crosses on the pic…thank goodness I took this one (above) as well!


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Suki - 03. May, 2015 - Reply

Fab set. Pic 1 – interesting road. Pic 2 – glorious trees. Beautiful water in the others.

frankiekay - 03. May, 2015 - Reply

Perhaps I should have posted the ‘special effects’ pic too!

MP Canter - 04. Jun, 2018 - Reply

Zim’s natural beauty doesn’t need special effects! Great pics.

frankiekay - 05. Jun, 2018 - Reply

Thats true. I guess those stars may look nice on a night pic of a city, perhaps?