I have a theory…

That all those round boulders on the very tops of Matopos Kopjies started off like this…



And then fall over!

These rocks are large!

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El Rolyat - 07. May, 2015 - Reply

That is the most amazing rock I have ever seen!
Where is it? I wanna go there!
You don’t want to be standing close when it Does fall over ( like the owner of those legs I see peeking out in the last pic).

frankiekay - 07. May, 2015 - Reply

It’s in Nswazi, close to where we r surveyed. I’ve never seen anything like it either

Rory - 08. May, 2015 - Reply

Ah at last ..the Easter Island mystery has been solved …all the statues came from Zim

frankiekay - 08. May, 2015 - Reply

Hey – I think you are right – and I guess Obelix came over put them on his shoulders and planted them there!