Random rocks in the Matopos…

Random rocks in the MatoposP1030901


The road immediately opposite this jumble of rocks deteriorated until we had to get off and drive along a path!! A little interesting when a chasm dangles below your window! I like the little hole in between the rocks – looks something like someone grabbed them and crushed them up!




This last pic was taken at mid day climbing along a narrow track. It wasn’t hot, (by our standards, perhaps only 25 or 27 deg C) but I think the pic gives the impression of how it can sometimes be sweltering here in Matabeland, where the distance is obliterated by a blue haze.

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Suki - 08. Jun, 2015 - Reply

Some interesting shapes in there and can make up quite a lot of faces/things. Trees beautiful as ever.

frankiekay - 08. Jun, 2015 - Reply

And its all i the light! Give it a few minutes, the light changes and the faces disappear

Abigail TapiwamBushu - 22. Jul, 2015 - Reply

The rocks are much interesting to see, its difficult to let your eyes off them
and how the trees are distributed around them

frankiekay - 22. Jul, 2015 - Reply

Thank you Abigail