All these photos were taken after the sun had gone down, leaving the Matopos, using the iHDR feature on my new Panasonic FZ1000P1030980 This one (above) is the only one that isnt taken looking into the sunset – rather with the last rays of light shining on the rocks.P1030981 P1030982 P1030984 P1030986 P1030988 P1030992

Opinions? Comments?

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spookmoor - 26. May, 2015 - Reply

Magic man, prefer it like this. Then again you can always write more and use the photo carousel.

frankiekay - 26. May, 2015 - Reply

Yes, or put the whole shebang on in thumbnails…but then I hardly bother to look through my own thumbnails – so would anyone else? I CAN write more…but who reads it when the photo says so much!
Thanks for the visit and comment

spookmoor - 26. May, 2015 - Reply

You might be surprised kid.

JohnRH - 27. May, 2015 - Reply

I agree. is modest on number of photos and spartan on the writing. She gets hundreds of views. She also replies to every comment and visits her visitor’s websites. Her photos are slightly stunning besides. Also see my May 15 post on Social Shorthand for another posting format. You can link to a Shorthand post from your WordPress site. Only trouble is it requires a Twitter account. I loathe Twitter but have an account.

JohnRH - 27. May, 2015 - Reply

I agree with you Frankie. My reply didn’t appear to sub-paragraph under yours.

Dawn - 26. May, 2015 - Reply

I like the photos Frankie , but I think the wordpress viewing platform sucks ! IMHO !

frankiekay - 27. May, 2015 - Reply

So how should I present them Dawn? I’m open to suggestions. I find WordPress very annoying. Here in Zimbabwe Internet is very slow and the whole process time consuming. I mostly maintain this blog for Zimbabweans who can no longer see these views themselves

Dawn - 27. May, 2015 - Reply

Hi Frankie it was not meant as a complaint or a criticism toward yourself, for anything you have done or not done on here, you have done a good job, It was simply because I was trying to see the photo well enough to see the effects of the iHDR feature you spoke of ? , maybe it is my eyes, maybe I need new glasses. LOL ! I forget you don’t know me very well to see where I am coming from ! I think that is a nice gesture that you maintain it for the likes of myself 😉 xx go well , best wishes

frankiekay - 05. Jun, 2015 - Reply

Hi – sorry, I didnt see this reply Dawn and looking back at my comment – its rather rude and abrupt. What I meant is, I also dont like WP and would love suggestions. I maintain this blog mostly for the millions of Zimbabweans forced to live outside their beloved country. But WP certainly has its limitations and one of them is the bandwidth required not only for me to upload, but you, the viewer to download! Also, Id like the WHOLE of my screen FULL of my photos, not the mizzilie little square provided! Since taking these photos Ive learned a whole lot more about the iHDR feature. This built-in one can be left on the ON position all the time so in dark light conditions it engages automatically. Im told, the HDR feature (found in many of the modern cell phone cameras) takes three images, one under exposed, another over exposed. They are all joined together in camera and appear on my laptop as a single image.
I actually didnt know that when I took these Matopos shots – but Ive recently come across a blog written by a photographer who has this exact model of camera.
In the past, in order to get HDR a photographer would need to manually take the photos and stitch them together later with special software. If you look at this link, you can see the colours are much brighter than …
So my excuse for not giving more detail about HDR: ignorance! I too have no idea what it really is, but Im trying out the option on the permanently ON position!!
Please accept my apologies for my previous reply and late answer to this one!

nhamodzenyika1freedom - 29. May, 2015 - Reply

There is nothing in my mind as beautiful as an African sunset except a sunrise and your photos capture Africa and Zimbabwe just the way those lucky enough to be born there experience it on a daily basis .Thanks for being a constant reminder that Africa including Zimbabwe is breathtakingly beautiful .

frankiekay - 04. Jun, 2015 - Reply

Thank you – sorry Im so late replying – I was out of signal range! Yes, the light here is spectacular and my photos dont really do them justice…Africa is a beautiful place and my own Zimbabwe the best in the world!!!

nhamodzenyika1freedom - 29. May, 2015 - Reply

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