I love this photo…It could be a statue, made of bronze, maybe tungsten!

Statue?It’s a pic of the driller manning a compressed air borehole drilling rig. He has to stuff the bags (you see in the foreground) into the side of the hole, to stop it collapsing.

Until they hit water, the crew only use a face mask to stop the dust getting into their lungs, but when water is struck, they don the raincoat, gloves…boots!

This rock is very soft (and impervious to water) and makes mud rather than clean water until it has been flushed for some time.

I couldn’t resist messing about a little with this image…


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JohnRH - 16. Jul, 2015 - Reply

I like it.

frankiekay - 16. Jul, 2015 - Reply

Thank you JohnRH – I nearly missed it – we were standing around bewailing the lack of water and I saw this shot – I still had to get my camera up and ready! Its one of the things Ive really liked with this camera compared to the last one – it turns on, zooms and focuses very quickly.

JohnRH - 16. Jul, 2015 - Reply

I particularly liked the contrasts in Urban Commute too.

frankiekay - 16. Jul, 2015 - Reply

Another photo I love because the guy I was with ( a keen photographer “back in the day”) said it wouldn’t work because I was shooting directly into the sun…it looks like an evening shot – but actually it was about half four in the afternoon

Suki - 17. Jul, 2015 - Reply

It does tell a story that is for sure. Not much has changed over the years. H&S here would have a field day 🙂