Mopane Trees…

Mopane TreeWe drove along this road in a quest for…’the other end of the road!’

We didnt find the end of the road, but I found a treasure trove of photos…

Mopane TreeA few weeks earlier, these Mopane Trees had green leaves and to be honest, they were pretty boring!

Mopane TreeThis area, the Matetsi Safari area about 20km from Hwange, has never been logged. So the only deforestators are elephants!  And you should see the size of some of the trees they knock down!

Mopane TreeMopane TreeMopane Treee

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Suki - 20. Jul, 2015 - Reply

Gorgeous series – my mind wandered through them…

frankiekay - 20. Jul, 2015 - Reply

I took hundreds and didn’t know which ones to keep

Suki - 20. Jul, 2015 - Reply

keep all for a rainy day 🙂

frankiekay - 20. Jul, 2015 - Reply

Will do!

Mike - 25. Apr, 2016 - Reply

Thanks for sharing your trove

frankiekay - 25. Apr, 2016 - Reply

Glad you enjoyed them