P1070431-001It was cold on the banks of the Zambezi, but I wanted photos of the dawn above the Victoria Falls. This little guy was cold too! So were his brothers and sisters! Bee-eaterSince I don’t have the greatest zoom on my camera, I snuck up – snapping pics at every step…he wasn’t fooled…Bee-eater

Then he worked me out…”Photographer…no sweat!”


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dendymactoodle - 22. Jul, 2015 - Reply

He does look a bit ruffled at your presence, but then decides you are harmless.

frankiekay - 22. Jul, 2015 - Reply

Yes – he bobbed up and down several times and I was lucky with the backlighting

Suki - 22. Jul, 2015 - Reply

Definitely got his winter coat on and at beady eye in your direction 🙂

frankiekay - 22. Jul, 2015 - Reply

I’m very proud of this series…birds are SO hard to capture on film – without a big zoom – you need to creep right up on them