Elephants in the Victoria Falls National Park…

ElephantUnlike in the Gona re Zhou, the elephants in the Victoria Falls National Park are a peaceful bunch. Sure they flapped their ears at us…

Elephants in the Victoria Falls National ParkWe still kept our distance though, especially when group had babies amongst them.

ElephantAlthough even when this little guy began his mock charges, the mummy just stood at the roadside crunching her Mopane leaves.ElephantI took a load of pics – I cant put them all up – but I can add the thumbnails!

Elephants  Elephants Elephants Elephants Elephants

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dendymactoodle - 22. Jul, 2015 - Reply

Lovely pictures and, as you say, quite peaceful, unlike the Gonarezhou elephants who are renowned for their cheekiness. I have been at the receiving end of several charges, leading me to be very wary of all elephants.

Julie - 22. Jul, 2015 - Reply

Best thing that I did was join your blog, as it brightens my day when the new photos with their comments arrive. The photos give me the feeling of being there and that lost smell comes to me. Thank you

frankiekay - 22. Jul, 2015 - Reply

Thank you very much! I’m glad you enjoy them. I have great fun taking them, and I do like to know they are appreciated

Suki - 22. Jul, 2015 - Reply

They really are superb animals. Long may they roam. Great catches.

frankiekay - 22. Jul, 2015 - Reply


sheimiey - 28. Jul, 2015 - Reply

keep on sending me more pics

frankiekay - 29. Jul, 2015 - Reply

Will do!