Hush little baby, don’t you cry…

I’m not the most maternal person in the world – hardly ever coo over baby cots – but this little guy, fast asleep nearby when I was recording a boring meeting was too much for me to resist.

WarrenI also tried out some of the features in the new processing software I have installed.WarrenHe woke up at some point! WarrenThe last two photos were taken using the setting especially designed for taking pics of babies!! Sort of fuzzy and soft!

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Julie - 30. Jul, 2015 - Reply

The baby photo is lovely and shows that you leave yourself open to grow. With every post you give me pleasure! Thank you

frankiekay - 30. Jul, 2015 - Reply

Thanks – I need to work on portraiture some more!

Annemarie van Helfteren - 30. Jul, 2015 - Reply

Oh Gorgeous!! Very lovely pictures- beautifull- and a beautifull baby too! I am sure the mum and dad will be very pleased to see how lovely the pictures turned out

frankiekay - 30. Jul, 2015 - Reply

They were! I sent them to them when I asked if I could put them up on my blog. Warren (pictured) is their third boy…

spookmoor - 30. Jul, 2015 - Reply

Love little kids, nothing nicer.

frankiekay - 30. Jul, 2015 - Reply

I hate to say this, Spook – I dont like little babies – give me snottie little two year olds and older and I’m happy – teenie tiny babies leave me ice cold – I know its not normal – but hey!

spookmoor - 30. Jul, 2015 - Reply

Well I do and consider them little miracles.

frankiekay - 30. Jul, 2015 - Reply

Well this guy was little miracle – he lay there SO quietly – and he was absolutely perfect – his little hands in particular – I wanted a pic of his mum and his hands together – but it didnt come off – pity

JohnRH - 30. Jul, 2015 - Reply

Wow. Luv that first shot. People pay money for a baby picture like that. Well done.

frankiekay - 30. Jul, 2015 - Reply

They do???? Bring them on!