Stone Art…?

Stone ArtMaybe this is where it all starts?

This pic was taken in the Matopos at the Farmhouse. Below are a few more examples of weathering, but none as interesting as this one…Stone Art Stone Art

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Margaret Macneill - 03. Aug, 2015 - Reply

Thanks Frankie. These pictures of Matopos are absolutely awesome. It took ages to go through them to show my hubby who lived in Salisbury and does not know Matopos. Is it completely safe to camp in the Matopos? I was impressed how clean everything is, like the little rest spot etc.
We are hoping to move back to Bulawayo when we get our pension and are so looking forward to visiting Matopos again and again.

frankiekay - 05. Aug, 2015 - Reply

It is absolutely safe in the Matopos – even in the Communal area part of the Matopos. I’m so glad to hear you intend to return to Bulawayo in your retirement – my brother has just returned from South Africa (although he is not retired!) and his kids love it here at the school and my mum who lives with him is very happy in her little granny cottage. She bumbles off to the store – its completely safe there too – and potters around her garden. She plays bowls and walks in the suburb…You will love it back here…

KGMom - 06. May, 2016 - Reply

Another memory jogging photo. My parents were missionaries stationed at Matopo Mission for part of my childhood. I spent many hours climbing the rocks. I even learned to chimney stack in those rocks.

frankiekay - 06. May, 2016 - Reply

We have spent magical times in the Matopos and it features over and over here on my blog.