Wasp Moth…

Wasp MothI noticed these beautiful flowers, walking through the rain forest near the Victoria Falls, ( I was later told it was Tetradenia riparia and then saw this guy…and like the predators he intends scaring off, I thought he was a wasp.Wasp MothActually, he is a moth mimicking a wasp! Wasp MothEuchromia formosa¬† – I’m told

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JohnRH - 07. Aug, 2015 - Reply

Great shots!

frankiekay - 07. Aug, 2015 - Reply

Thanks – the light at the Victoria Falls was very good (so was everything else at the Falls! The water…the spray…the weather!!)

daniellelouise96 - 07. Aug, 2015 - Reply

lovely photos!

dendymactoodle - 07. Aug, 2015 - Reply

Beautiful colouring. I have never seen creature before.

frankiekay - 07. Aug, 2015 - Reply

Neither had I! I couldnt believe the bright colours – like stained glass in a church