Gokwe district

Our job takes us on some interesting roads:

GokweThis is climbing down one of the escarpments found all over the Gokwe area.

Below is a pic of a place where the animals have been licking the rock, probably for millennia…GokweIts quite a nice view from here (looking north)GokweThis pic was taken an hour or so earlier – slightly to the right of the view above.GokweThat minibus is nearly MIA in that pothole, and I cant remember what it looked like when it got to this one  – bottom left! I think there were three people on top of that minibus! GokweMost often in this area, everyone drives in the ditch!

The roads in these two pics below are what we commonly drive on! I’m always wary of Mopane veld – a burnt Mopane stick slips through a tyre very easily  – something to do with both the carbon and the hardness of the Mopane heartwood.

Gokwe P1080500This road (above) is a fairly substantial one – often the bushes scratch the side of our car.

TsolotshoSome are pretty sandy! Tsolotsho

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joanfrankham - 10. Aug, 2015 - Reply

Great but dusty roads!

frankiekay - 11. Aug, 2015 - Reply

The roads are truly terrible. It looks all great fun, but after 250km is battling with the steering wheel my shoulders get sore

joanfrankham - 11. Aug, 2015 - Reply

I know that feeling. Travelled from gweru to vic falls ‘the short cut ‘…long long way!

JohnRH - 10. Aug, 2015 - Reply

Why do animals lick the rock?

frankiekay - 11. Aug, 2015 - Reply

For minerals, we think

Jenny Austen - 11. Aug, 2015 - Reply

You are so blessed Frankie….. and you call this work!!

frankiekay - 11. Aug, 2015 - Reply

Yes I know and I make an effort to appreciate it – even when I’m tired or the client is a moron, or the place is far, hot and boring!

Mike Longley - 11. Aug, 2015 - Reply

so what exactly are you doing in Zimbabwe?

frankiekay - 11. Aug, 2015 - Reply

My husband does borehole surveys

John Kinnaird - 12. Aug, 2015 - Reply

We just spent the weekend in Gona Re Zhou, The roads are a challenge. I know the Gokwe area well.

frankiekay - 12. Aug, 2015 - Reply

Gona re Zhou is special. We will go back!

tapiwa bushu - 19. Aug, 2015 - Reply

Very nice pictures Frankie….l once visited the area going to Mafungautsi forest it seems Gokwe is maintaining its beauty. thanks for the images

frankiekay - 25. Aug, 2015 - Reply

That is on the left as you travel to Gokwe? After that amazing climb up, up, up that long straight road? Zhamba isn’t the little village called? Or Zhombe? We didn’t work in there, but Im told the forest is being cut down rapidly and its borne out if you look at the satellite image. Certainly from the road, it looks as beautiful as ever. I do hope we get a job in the Mafungautsi Forest sometime, Id love to photograph it

ivan - 19. Aug, 2015 - Reply

I would never arrive at my destination with such beautiful countryside to see and photograph. Thanks for sharing.

frankiekay - 19. Aug, 2015 - Reply

Sometimes we arrive very late!