Travels around Southern Africa

African Playground…

Our African playground is vast, and endlessly entertaining. Not many video games here…kids improvise, learn to socialise.

Swing in treeMost of my photos are taken on our travels around the country – I screech on brakes when I see a photo opportunity, but I cant really set it up at all. Often, we are driving when its the best light – morning and evening – and if we have our clients with us, we can hardly stop all the time and haul out the camera.  I’d have loved this one to have a child swinging….but I sure wasn’t going to go over and sit on THAT swing!

BaobabsSoccer is played ubiquitously – usually with a ball made from multiple plastic bags tied one on top of the other.

The first photo is taken in Tsolotsho (not far from where Cecil roamed) and the second one is taken in Gokwe North

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Suki - 01. Sep, 2015 - Reply

Just as we did on the farm at Lake Mac. Cool reminders.

frankiekay - 03. Sep, 2015 - Reply

Yes, I had the luck to have a little ‘kopjie’ in the back garden! We spent endless hours there. I also played with soccer balls made from plastic bundles