Baboon bed…

Baboons nest up trees at night and this is one of their “beds” near to Robins Camp In Hwange National Park.Baboon bedI took this photo after the sun went down; please excuse the poor quality! Baboon bedI wonder how many generations of baboons have slept in this tree! They polish the wood each time they climb up and down.Baboon

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Sue - 10. Oct, 2015 - Reply

Amazing set of pictures. Thank you. I remember camping near one of those when we were kids. No-one got a wink of sleep.

frankiekay - 10. Oct, 2015 - Reply

Yes and they poop terribly. Underneath the trees is not very hygenic! We saw another tree like this at the petrified forest.

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Jacko - 08. Nov, 2015 - Reply

Symbiotic relationship – what keeps the tree going

frankiekay - 08. Nov, 2015 - Reply

mmm – maybe! But pooofff! What a mess