Are one of my favourite antelope. We didn’t see any bulls with trophy sized horns, around the Robins Camp area of Hwange National Park,  but as we drove closer to main camp, we saw a few.KuduKudu always seem so wary, hate to be out of the thick mopane brush cover. They sneaked down to the water, keeping a wary look out, turning and running away several times.KuduThose horns! KuduFinally they drank:KuduKudu

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JohnRH - 12. Oct, 2015 - Reply


frankiekay - 12. Oct, 2015 - Reply

They are – I love them – Its pretty hard to photograph the males, they are usually hiding behind a tree, or moving ever so slowly away – nothing worse than getting the butt end of an animal!

Suki - 13. Oct, 2015 - Reply

Very regal. Nice catches.

frankiekay - 13. Oct, 2015 - Reply

Many thanks – they are lovely creatures and hard to find in the open